Children's Football
Academy in Phuket
-Central and Bang Tao

-At our academy, we utilize cutting-edge European techniques to teach children the game of football.
-When planning our lessons, we prioritize the emotional and social well-being of the children. Feel free to sign up for a trial training session to experience it firsthand.

Engaging in football cultivates vital skills such as teamwork, determination, problem-solving, self-assurance, and discipline.
New friendships
Our welcoming environment fosters a positive atmosphere, making it easy for children to make new friends.
Enhanced health
Through our training sessions, children develop a stronger immune system, build muscles, and improve their respiratory system.
Personalized approach
Each child receives an individualized approach. Our well-designed training programs cater to the needs of different age groups.
Our price list
Group for ages 3+ y.o.
8 trainings (1 month)
4000 TB
-2 trainings a week
-session lasts 50 to 80 minutes

Group for ages 3-12 y.o.
8 trainings - 2 branches
7200 TB
-2 trainings a week
-session lasts 50 to 80 minutes

for ages 3+ y.o.
4 trainings (2 weeks)
2400 TB
-4 trainings
-session lasts 50 to 80 minutes

Personal training session
One personal training session
1500 TB
-session lasts 50 to 80 minutes
Training schedule
Coaching Staff
  • Kirill Popolitov
    Academy Founder/Coach

    Graduate of FC Spartak Academy.

    Ranked Candidate Master of Sport (KMS).

    "The main task of the school is to give a strong base to young

    players, using the methods of teaching children from the best

    European developments. At the same time, do not forget to give

    attention to the emotional and social health aspects of working with children."

  • Vadim Ianchuk
    "Expert Coach" - Head Coach

    Player Career:

    FC Kuban - 2010

    FC Baltika - 2010-2011

    FC Ufa - 2011

    FC Ventspils - 2011-2014

    Professional Achievements:

    Latvian Champion - 2011, 2013, 2014

    Winner of the Latvian Cup - 2012

    Participant in UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League with FC Ventspils.

    Founder of Vadim Yanchuk's Children's Football Academy.

    -12 years of professional football career

    -9 years of coaching experience

    -Higher education in pedagogy

    -Diploma in Professional Retraining as a Football Coach-Instructor

    -UEFA iCoachKids certification (youth coach)

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